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“Concrete surface strengthening agent” of thermal insulation materials

Concrete surface strengthening agent is a kind of water-soluble liquid chemical hardening agent. It has a colorless and transparent appearance. There are two-component materials and single-component materials in the market. The strengthening effect of two-component materials is relatively better. The main components of concrete surface strengthening agent are alkali metal silicate with reactive activity or modified alkali metal silicate, catalyst, additives, etc.

Concrete surface strengthening agent alias: concrete sealing curing agent, liquid ground hardening agent, cement ground sanding agent, ground penetrating agent, concrete penetrating agent, concrete curing agent, etc.

Specification parameters of concrete surface strengthening agent

1. Appearance of concrete surface strengthening agent: colorless water-based liquid

2. Dosage: 2-4m / kg (the specific dosage depends on the ground condition test).

3. Concrete surface strengthening agent packaging: 50kg / barrel, 30kg / barrel

Post time: Sep-09-2020

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