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  • Ximai exhibited on World of Concrete 2023 in Las Vegas

    Ximai exhibited on World of Concrete 2023 in Las Vegas

    World of Concrete (WOC) is an annual international event that takes place every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It has been serving the global concrete & masonry construction industries for 50 years. Most world’s leading manufacturers and equipment suppliers attend the WOC.  WOC attr...
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  • High Quality Concrete Pipes and Parts Export to Australia.

    Every year, Hebei Ximai export over thousands of concrete pumping pipes and spare parts. The pipes include twin wall boom pipes, deck pipes, pipe reducers for boom trucks and shotcrete machines, concrete washout bags, boom elbows, line pump pipes and bends and etc. The spare parts covers a quite ...
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  • Celebrating China’s traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival

      The Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival to celebrate a good harvest. It is also a time for family reunion and to invite wine to the moon. There is also a beautiful legend of “Chang’e Flying to the Moon”, which embellishes the Mid-Autumn Festival moonlight romantically and charmi...
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  • Survey and trend analysis of the global concrete building materials industry in 2021

    Based on the historical situation in the past five years (2016-2020), analyze the overall scale of global concrete building materials in the past few years, the scale of major regions, the scale and share of major companies, the scale of major product classifications, and the scale of major downs...
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  • “Concrete surface strengthening agent” of thermal insulation materials

    Concrete surface strengthening agent is a kind of water-soluble liquid chemical hardening agent. It has a colorless and transparent appearance. There are two-component materials and single-component materials in the market. The strengthening effect of two-component materials is relatively better....
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  • “Lightweight aggregate concrete” of new building materials

    Lightweight aggregate concrete (LGC), one of the new building materials, is a lightweight concrete made of lightweight aggregate with a bulk density of no more than 1900kg / m3, also known as porous aggregate lightweight concrete. Lightweight aggregate concrete has characteristics Lightweight agg...
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  • Concrete protection technology summit forum 818 opens

    In 2018, the national concrete production reached 2.35 billion cubic meters, and in 2019, it reached 2.4 billion cubic meters, with a year-on-year increase of about 3.46%. The consumption of concrete in China has been ranked in the world for more than 30 years. By 2019, China’s total highwa...
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