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Hebei Ximai Machinery: Concrete pump pipe and parts

Hebei Ximai Machinery has involved in concrete pipes and spare parts production over 20 years. Our high quality concrete pump pipes, single wall boom pipes, twin wall boom pipes, twin wall elbow, reducer pipe, and etc have been exported to US, Europe, Australia, South America Korea and Middle East.


Boom pipe inner side quenching is processed by High Frequency Induction Quenching that is much better than ordinary quenching. After high frequency quenching process, the product will produce an ultra-strong wear-resistant inner layer up to 3mm, of which the hardness could reach around HRC65.

Flange welding-Hebei Ximai Machinery

Automatic welding machine makes the welding line smooth and strong.

Electrostatic powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating is more durable than other options. The processes release no harmful chemicals into the air, and they produce less waste. Because the powder melts and reforms as a solid, it creates a smooth surface without drips or runs. Because these coatings are resistant to corrosion and damage, there’s no concern over rust and other cleaning-related damage.

Quality inspection

Strict quality control standard and procedure ensure that we offer high quality products and services to our client all over the world.

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